Paper Plate Machine

Equipment for the manufacture of paper utensils The machine is intended for the production of various types of containers (saucers, plates, trays, etc.) from materials such as paper, including laminated paper with film, cardboard, etc. The hydraulic cylinders are used as a working element. The shape of the finished product is determined by the type of mold and agreed with the customer. The machine for the production of paper plates has two molding stations, on which are installed simultaneously two molds, allowing to produce different products. control system (PLC) Free commissioning and staff training
Dimensions 1x1x1.5 m
Weight 600 kg
Power 3000 w
Voltage 220 V
Productivity 40-50 pcs per minute
material density for the manufacture of 80-300 g / m²
Size of products 100 - 220 mm